Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Download and Reviews

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Review and Bonus by Tiffany Lambert – Dating for Mindful Men and Women, Define Your Purpose for Using Digital Dating Tools, Paid Versus Free Online Dating Tools

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Tiffany Lambert Reviews

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert venx by Tiffany Lambert is professional product

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert is an incredible one because the threshold for converting a visitor into a buyer or action taker is so low. All you need is content to get people on your site and links or buttons to send them on their way to matchmaking heaven!

This is a great niche to be in because it’s evergreen! Your efforts only have to be in the traffic and content arena – since the vendors just want you to send them interested people. You get to take a hands off approach to the heavy handed conversion strategy if that’s not your thing. And Tiff’s done half that work for you, by providing the content.

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Review and Bonus by Tiffany Lambert – Dating for Mindful Men and Women, Define Your Purpose for Using Digital Dating Tools, Paid Versus Free Online Dating Tools will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Review

Get Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert here :

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Review and Bonus by Tiffany Lambert – Dating for Mindful Men and Women, Define Your Purpose for Using Digital Dating Tools, Paid Versus Free Online Dating Tools

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Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert OTO / Upsell :

Details of the Front End Pack:

This is a bundle of brand new articles that can be used on a blog, in an email series, on social media, compiled into an eBook or report, and so on. Plug links in for CPA or info product offers and you’re ready to go! Let’s take a look at the 35 Brand New Front End articles:

  • Dating for Mindful Men and Women – 412 words
  • Define Your Purpose for Using Digital Dating Tools – 411 words
  • Paid Versus Free Online Dating Tools – 406 words
  • Digital Dating for Successful Singles – 409 words
  • How Men and Women Over 40 Are Meeting Their Mates Online – 412 words
  • How to Succeed in Getting Dates with the Tinder App – 402 words
  • Why More Couples Are Finding Success Using Bumble – 403 words
  • How Hinge Is Changing the landscape of Digital Dating – 419 words
  • More Men and Women Say Politics Plays an Important Role in Their Digital Dating – 414 words
  • What Are the Top Three Online Dating Communities? – 409 words
  • Plenty of Fish Versus Zoosk – Which One’s Right for You? – 412 words
  • What Are the Best Digital Dating Tools for Christians? – 404 words
  • Digital Dating for the Gay Community – 407 words
  • Matchmaking Services Versus Using Dating Apps and Sites – 478 words
  • Common Problems with Surface Level Digital Dating – 424 words
  • How Long Should Things Stay Digital Before You Meet in Person? – 472 words
  • Should You Use Multiple Dating Sites or Stick to One? – 411 words
  • What Are the Best Dating Sites for Gamers? – 413 words
  • Be Proactive with Your Digital Dating Efforts – 406 words
  • Happn Is Bringing Chance Encounters to Life – 419 words
  • Digital Dating Safety Tips for 2019 – 460 words
  • Online Dating Tips for Introverts – 477 words
  • Photos Can Make or Break Your Dating Responses – 511 words
  • For the Best Results, Visit Your Online Dating Profile Regularly – 459 words
  • Why Farmers Have a Dating Site All to Themselves – 454 words
  • Political Dating Sites That Filter Out the Opposite Party – 464 words
  • Digital Dating Options for the Curvy, Plus Sized Crowd – 452 words
  • There Are Dating Apps That Cater to Your Religion – 427 words
  • Meet Someone Who Hates All the Same Things You Do – 467 words
  • Facebook Dating Will Be Launched in America One Day – 460 words
  • Plum Is an App That Will Have an Uber Like Appeal – 490 words
  • Which Dating App Is Most Popular in Your State – and Why? – 461 words
  • Protect Your Mental Health When Using Digital Dating Tools – 475 words
  • Dating Apps That Help Connect Dog Lovers – 470 words
  • The Dating App Once Is Bringing Slow Dating to the Digital Scene – 473 words

Details of the 1st OTO:

The new PLR in this One Time Offer is the lead magnet and full eBook. I also gathered up all of the existing dating (and 1 special relationship) PLR on my site and added that for extra value and it has many different slants that help with CPA and info marketing!

Here’s what’s included in the first One Time Offer, a package of 25 NEW pages PLUS over 338 additional pages:

The Brand New Content:

Lead Magnet: Is Your Dating Mindset Holding You Back?

This 5-page, 2,204-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Let Go of the Past
– Define What You Want
– It’s All in the Body Language
– Take Control of Your Dating Life

Full eBook: The Basics of Dating

This 20-page, 8,813-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Are You Ready to Date?
Chapter 2: Getting a Date IRL
Chapter 3: Is Online Dating Right for You?
Chapter 4: First Date Tips
Chapter 5: After That First Date
Chapter 6: Dating At Different Life Stages
Chapter 7: Post-Divorce Dating
Chapter 8: Dating Red Flags
Chapter 9: Healthy Communication with Your Partner
Chapter 10: How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Ready for Commitment?

The Existing PLR Bundles from My Store:

Nice Guy’s Dating Mega Pack

A report and article bundle.

The Report is 2,698 Words and 6.5 pages long and covers the following topics:

– What Does It Mean to Be a “Nice Guy?”
– The Rest of Your Gender Is Ruining It For You!
– If You’re a Nice Guy, Chances Are You’re Looking for a Nice Girl!
– Always the Friend, Never the Boyfriend
– How a Nice Guy Can Turn It All Around!

Here are 52 articles and their word counts:

– Nice Guys: This Isn’t Your Father’s Dating School – 486 Words
– The Dating Pool Is Bigger Than You Think – 505 Words
– Stop Putting So Much Pressure on Yourself! – 490 Words
– Gaming Is for XBox 360 and Playstation 3 – 509 Words
– Wake Up, Nice Guy! – 492 Words
– Who Will You Present to Single Women? – 471 Words
– How Women Peg Guys Who Will Be “Just Friends” Forever – 580 Words
– Know Your Finest Selling Points – 631 Words
– What Do Women Value? – 515 Words
– What Does Your Dating Blueprint Look Like? – 740 Words
– How to Know If You Have Chemistry With a Woman – 628 Words
– Do Opposites Really Attract? – 482 Words
– Nice Guys Can’t Buy Love – 477 Words
– Remember – You Don’t Want a Fixer Upper! – 572 Words
– Where Do You Go to Find a Good Woman? – 511 Words
– Align Your Interests with Your Dating Scene – 546 Words
– Join Groups Where Your Next Date Might Be a Member – 460 Words
– Make an Effort to Bump Into the Right Women – 418 Words
– Find a Woman Who’s Compatible with Your Lifestyle – 477 Words
– Don’t Fall Too Fast – 535 Words
– What About Those Age Gaps? – 534 Words
– The Women’s Movement Is on Your Side – 473 Words
– Confidence Is Everything! – 650 Words
– Overcoming Shyness Around Women – 536 Words
– What to Do If You’re Not a Good Conversationalist – 600 Words
– Ice Breakers That Aren’t Awkward – 497 Words
– Women Like Positive Approaches! – 504 Words
– How to Flirt Without Making a Fool of Yourself – 610 Words
– How to Compliment a Woman with Sincerity – 557 Words
– Taking the Conversation Beyond Hello – 434 Words
– Know When to Back Off to Get Further – 590 Words
– Nice Guys Need to Learn How to Untangle Mixed Signals – 524 Words
– Don’t Ask for a Date – 608 Words
– Invite Her to Something You’re Already Going To – 544 Words
– Never Ask for Her Phone Number – 496 Words
– From Time to Time, You’re Going to Strike Out – 452 Words
– What’s a Good First Date Idea? – 520 Words
– Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box – 569 Words
– What to Bring on a First Date – 510 Words
– Keys to Making Conversation – 544 Words
– Dating Disasters That Get Nice Guys in Trouble – 599 Words
– Should You Go for the First Kiss? – 486 Words
– How to End the First Date – 531 Words
– A Second Date Doesn’t Mean You’re “Dating” Yet – 461 Words
– Don’t Get Stuck in a Dating Rut – 526 Words
– Are You the Kind of Man She’ll Take Home to Mother? – 632 Words
– Are Your Expectations Too High? – 562 Words
– Do You Need a Break from the Dating Scene? – 415 Words
– How to Know If You’re Really in Love – 578 Words
– Don’t Sabotage Your Relationship – 512 Words
– When Does a Nice Guy Go to Bed with a Woman? – 543 Words
– Does This Woman Deserve Your Heart? – 529 Words

Save Your Relationship

I included this one because it’s a niche where many of the people searching for tips will end up single and back in the dating scene, so it’s a good pre-niche to get into.

The report and article bundle includes the following:

Report: Save Your Relationship NOW!

This 5 and a half page report is 2,408 words in length and covers the following:

– Making Up 10
– Know Thyself
– Get Back That Loving Feeling
– Finding Purpose in Your Life – With or Without a Partner

52 articles and word counts:

– 7 Signs of Marriage Trouble – 548 words
– A Healthy Marriage Has These Ingredients – 501 words
– Avoid These Typical Causes for Divorce – 547 words
– Be Your Own Marriage Counselor – 506 words
– Christian Marriage: Letting God Be Your Guide to Relationship Repair – 545 words
– Communication in a Marriage is Key – 499 words
– Definition of Marriage Includes Union – Are You United? – 540 words
– Do You Feel Like You’re in a Bad Marriage? – 517 words
– Does Your Marriage Need Relationship Help? – 505 words
– Failed Relationships: Are They Still Salvageable? – 509 words
– Friendship Is a Great Foundation for a Good Marriage – 470 words
– Have a Better Marriage Today – 494 words
– Here’s a Unique Relationship Saver! – 546 words
– How to Have a Good Marriage – 497 words
– How to Save Your Marriage When It’s Horribly Fractured – 536 words
– Is Intimacy Missing in Your Marriage? – 513 words
– Jealousy Has Destroyed Many Good Marriages – 520 words
– Marital Relationships Differ From Dating – 500 words
– Marriage Help for Men – 551 words
– Marriage Help for Women – 543 words
– Marriage Issues Don’t Happen Suddenly – 510 words
– Marriage Problems Result in Alarming Statistics – 497 words
– Marriage Quotes That Help You Weather a Storm – 526 words
– Marriage Retreat: What’s in Store for Couples in Therapy? – 500 words
– Marriage Support for Husbands and Wives – 444 words
– Marriage Test: Will Your Relationship Withstand Turmoil? – 482 words
– Marriage Therapy to Help Save Your Relationship – 505 words
– Marriage Tips for Newlyweds in Rough Waters – 536 words
– Relationship Mistakes Married Men Make – 538 words
– Relationship Mistakes Married Women Make – 527 words
– Relationship Stages: Where Are You in Your Marriage? – 517 words
– Relationship Tips for Couples in Need – 511 words
– Romantic Relationships Build a Better Marriage – 565 words

– Save a Marriage and Receive Health Benefits – 514 words
– Save Marriage Advice That Goes Against the Grain – 504 words
– Save My Marriage – 504 words
– Save Your Relationship Before It’s Too Late! – 504 words
– Saving Marriage Rules You Need to Abide By – 542 words
– Saving Your Marriage for the Right Reasons – 528 words
– Second Marriage Woes and How You Can Overcome Them – 505 words
– Secrets Marriage Counselors Want to Share With You – 503 words
– Secrets of a Happy Marriage – 498 words
– Stop Your Divorce and Become Happily Married All Over Again – 501 words
– Unhappy Marriage? Try These 5 Tips Now! – 515 words
– What Is the Healthy Marriage Initiative? – 433 words
– What Marriage Bible Do You Go By in Your Relationship? – 508 words
– What’s at the Root of Your Relationship Problems? – 488 words
– What’s the Most Common Marriage Problem? – 499 words
– When to Know If You Need Marriage Counseling – 496 words
– When Your Marriage Has You in a Deep Depression – 482 words
– Where to Go When You Need Marriage Advice – 543 words
– Why Marriage Takes Work – 518 words

Finding Your Soulmate

A bundle that includes an eBook, a short report, 15 articles and 10 site/app reviews.

Full eBook: Finding Your Soulmate in 2018

This 20+ page, 9,484-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: What Does Having a Soulmate Feel Like?
Chapter 2: Treat Your Soulmate Search Like a Business
Chapter 3: Know Your Measure of Compatibility
Chapter 4: Dating for Different Generations
Chapter 5: Tools, Resources and Technology for Finding Your Soulmate

Short Report: Top 10 Things Your Soulmate Wants to See in Your Dating Profile

This 6+ page, 2,739-word report starts with a short introduction and the covers the following:

– Current Pictures
– Your Sense of Humor
– Hobbies and Interests Instead of Clichés
– Honesty Without Negativity
– Details About Your Likes and Dislikes
– Relationships with Family and Friends
– The Type of Person You’re Hoping to Find
– A Summary of Your Life Now and How You Want It to Be
– Confidence
– Your Preference for Pets

15 Articles:

1. Are You Truly Ready to Find Your Soulmate? – 407 words
2. Don’t Rush the Process of Finding Your Soulmate – 449 words
3. Don’t Subject Your Soulmate to a Mountain of Emotional Baggage – 419 words
4. What Does It Mean to You to Find Your Soulmate? – 420 words
5. Do You Let Negative Emotions Interfere with Your Soulmate Search? – 423 words
6. Don’t Let Loneliness Push You Toward the Wrong Connections – 406 words
7. Have You Made Room in Your Life for Your Soulmate? – 435 words
8. Before You Say Goodbye to Dating Sites and Apps – 427 words
9. Are You Soulmate Material? – 451 words
10. What Are Some Relationship Goals You Have for Your Soulmate Connection? – 419 words
11. Do You Have Limiting Beliefs About Finding Your Soulmate? – 421 words
12. What Dating Dilemmas Do You Feel Impede Your Search for a Soulmate? – 410 words
13. Treat Your Soulmate Search Like a Garden – 443 words
14. Cultivating a Harmonious Soulmate Connection – 428 words
15. Don’t Rescue Someone Hoping You Can Turn Them Into Your Soulmate – 409 words

10 Site/App Reviews:

1. – 509 words
2. eHarmony – 452 words
3. Tinder – 464 words
4. OKCupid – 433 words
5. Coffee Meets Bagel – 497 words
6. Hinge – 431 words
7. – 471 words
8. Bumble – 576 words
9. Happn – 442 words
10. Plenty of Fish – 470 words

Online Dating CPA PLR

The Online Dating PLR Pack for CPA, Affiliates or AdSense Marketers is a pack that includes:

– a 3 page landing page (where you can put your opt in)
– a 5-part email series that links to each day’s lesson
– a series of five, four-page lessons on online dating

It’s a total of 28 pages that you can alter and use as you want, but can’t pass along PLR rights to or use my name on. It allows you to promote ANY online dating site as a CPA marketer or, you can put AdSense around the content, or build a list and promote a variety of dating guides.

And the content is perfect for men AND women and ANY age group. It covers the five lessons here:

a.) Online Dating in Today’s World
b.) A Newbie’s Guide to Picking the Right Dating Site
c.) Let’s Make Your Online Dating Profile POP
d.) Using the Online Dating Database Correctly
e.) Turning an Online Dating Match Into an Offline Date

And each lesson ends with tasks they can go accomplish, so they’re actually urged to sign up through your link as they follow the course!

Women’s Dating

– Kissed a Bunch of Frogs Lately? – 477 Words
– Stop Seeking Approval and Go for What YOU Want – 435 Words
– What to Look for When You’re Seeking a Single Man – 548 Words
– Where Is Mr. Right Hiding, Anyway? – 540 Words
– Keeping Yourself Physically and Emotionally Healthy for Dating – 538 Words
– Are You Looking for a Bad Boy or a Good Guy? – 504 Words
– Looking for Love Online – Buyer Beware – 499 Words
– Have You Been Bar Hopping to Meet Men? – 567 Words
– Meeting Men With the Same Values as You – 512 Words
– How Effective Are Local Matchmaking Clubs? – 467 Words
– Dating a Man in the Workplace – 452 Words
– Flirting Without Sending the Wrong Message – 440 Words
– Getting a Great Guy to Ask You Out – 608 Words
– Generating Some First Date Ideas – 524 Words
– The Right Way to Dress for Any Date Night – 497 Words
– What to Do If the Conversation Stalls – 563 Words
– Just Who’s High Maintenance Around Here? – 438 Words
– Who Pays in Today’s World of Dating? – 489 Words
– How to Accept Compliments Gracefully – 409 Words
– Going on a Date Doesn’t Mean You Are Dating – 383 Words
– Ducking Out of a Good Date Gone Bad – 527 Words
– What to Do If You Like Him But He Doesn’t Call Back – 530 Words
– Dating as a Single Mom – 517 Words
– Staying Safe on Your Dates – 632 Words
– Sex and Intimacy – When and How to Move Things Along – 577 Words
– Balancing Your Life with a New Love – 545 Words

Men’s Dating Prep

– How to Meet, Get and Keep a Great Girlfriend – 453 Words
– What Do You Want in a Date? – 438 Words
– Types of Relationships – 500 Words
– Where to Meet Women – 424 Words
– Bars and Clubs – 445 Words
– Work and Coworkers – 439 Words
– Online Dating – 471 Words
– Friends – 432 Words
– Your Social Activities – 408 Words
– Get Prepared – 476 Words
– What Women Want – 480 Words
– Self-Improvement – 503 Words
– The Woman You Want – 449 Words
– Be More Fun – 467 Words
– Using Body Language – 427 Words
– Confidence – 449 Words
– Available – Not Desperate – 427 Words
– Is She Interested? – 489 Words
– Flirting – 430 Words
– What to Say – 409 Words
– Prepare to Be Persistent – 431 Words
– Bad Habits to Break Right Now – 542 Words
– How to Dress – 457 Words

Tao of Badass

1. How Seemingly Unfit Men Master the Art of Picking Up Women – 444 words
2. The Missing Ingredient That Causes You to Fail With Women – 595 words
3. Mapping Your Interaction With Women – 577 words
4. Breaking Through Your Barriers of Approaching Hot Women – 468 words
5. She’s Testing You – But Will You Pass or Fail? – 503 words
6. The Direct Connection Between Body Language and Confidence – 481 words
7. Creating Love Without Projecting Neediness – 501 words
8. Tao of Badass Top 10 Mistakes Men Make With Women – 502 words

Dating Niche Starter Pack Outline

– A title and outline for a 5-page (or longer) report
– 52 titles for article ideas
– A title and outline for a 10-chapter eBook
– 10 links to ClickBank products you can promote
– 10 links to Amazon products you can promote

Nice Guy’s Dating Guide

This 7-page, 2,698-word report covers:

– What Does It Mean to Be a “Nice Guy?”
– The Rest of Your Gender Is Ruining It For You!
– If You’re a Nice Guy, Chances Are You’re Looking for a Nice Girl!
– Always the Friend, Never the Boyfriend
– How a Nice Guy Can Turn It All Around!

A Christian Man’s Guide to Dating

This 7+ page report starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Start With Prayer
– The Art of Asking
– The Perfect Woman
– Planning the Date
– Conversation and Dating
– Keeping Up Appearances
– The Physical Side of Dating
– How to Follow Up a Good Date

Double Your Dating Affiliate Review PLR

– Double Your Dating Affiliate Review #1: Why You Should Try the David Deangelo Double Your Dating System – 413 words
– Double Your Dating Affiliate Review #2: The Perfect Double Your Dating Book – 405 words
– Double Your Dating Affiliate Review #3: Men Who Try Double Your Dating Review It As the Best Tool for Improving Their Love Life – 406 words
– Double Your Dating Affiliate Review #4: Double Your Dating Tips That Will Change Your Love Life Forever – 408 words
– Double Your Dating Affiliate Review #5: A Practical System to Double Your Dating – 411 words
– Double Your Dating Affiliate Review #6: Double Your Dating Scam or Real? – 412 words
– Double Your Dating Affiliate Review #7: Is It Time for the Double Your Dating Advanced Series? – 413 words

Dating Advice for the Newly Single

This 6-page, 3,032-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Know The Purpose for Your Date
– How Soon Should You Start Dating
– Get the Chip Off Your Shoulder
– Feeling Comfortable With Someone Who Isn’t Your Ex
– Dos and Don’ts of Dating Conversations
– Dating Doesn’t Equal a Relationship Replacement

Tao of Badass ClickBank Presell Report

Tao of Badass – Report Titled: Attracting Pretty Women Like a Magnet

This is a 6+-page, 2,523-word report that starts off with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

– Men Versus Women
– What Women Don’t Want
– Don’t Make These Mistakes
– The Confidence to Make Every Woman Want You
– Tapping Into Her Subconscious Mind to Close the Deal

What Men Need to Know About Dating Today

This is a 6+ page, 2,644-word report that starts off with a short introduction and then includes the following sections:

– Her Body Language Speaks Louder Than Her Words
– How to Approach a Woman
– The Art of Conversation
– Don’t Be Afraid to Act like a Man
– Confidence Helps You Seal the Deal

What Men Secretly Want Presell Report

This 6-page, 2,462-word report titled Key to Catching a Good Man is a presell report for the ClickBank product, What Men Secretly Want. It starts out with a short introduction and then includes the following sections:

– Understanding Men
– Hold His Interest
– Show the Respect
– What Works in Communication
– Get the Commitment

Avoid These Dating Deal Breakers

This is a 5 and a half page, 2,425-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Not Knowing How to Communicate
– Being Impolite
– Not Taking Care of Your Appearance
– Unresolved Personal Issues
– Not Being Dependable
– Being Too Familiar Too Fast

New Dating Trends

This is a 5-page, 1,773 word report that covers the following:

– Pheromone Dating
– Reverse Commuting
– Online Dating Trends
– Minidates
– Leave a Calling Card
– Mobile Phone Apps
– Speed Dating
– Matchmakers
– Singles Vacations

Nice Guy Dating 5 Pack

– Don’t Let Her See That Big Chip on Your Shoulder – 481 Words
– Find a Like-Minded Love Interest on the ‘Net – 530 Words
– Set Up Your Profile to Attract the Right Kind of Women – 530 Words
– Striking Up a Conversation with a Woman – 601 Words
– Weeding Out the Wrong Kind of Women – 550 Words

Dating for Women After Divorce

After a short introduction, this 5-page, 2,036-word report has the following sections:

– Figure Out What Kind of Dating You Want to Do
– Who’s Your Mr. Right?
– Get Prepared So You Feel Strong and in Control
– Where You’ll Find Prospective Dates
– Making Sure Your Dates Are a Great Experience

Dating Tips for Men

– Gaming Is for XBox 360 and Playstation 3 – 652 words
– Nice Guys: This Isn’t Your Father’s Dating School – 647 words
– The Dating Pool Is Bigger Than You Think – 568 words
– Wake Up, Nice Guy! – 458 words

Dating for Women with Kids

After a short introduction, 5-page, 2,075-word report has the following sections:

– How Soon Should You Start Dating When You Have Kids?
– What Type of Man Would Be Right for Your Family?
– First Date for You Versus First Meeting With the Kids
– Helping the Kids Handle You Dating After Divorce or Death
– Finding Balance Between Your Dating and Parenting Lives

Online Dating

– What the Opposite Sex Doesn’t Want to See in Your Profile – 467 Words
– First Date Ideas – From the Frugal to the Extravagant – 453 Words
– Frustrated That You Don’t Measure Up to Online Potential Partners’ Demands? – 439 Words
– Are Married Men and Women Seeking Single Partners on Dating Sites? – 399 Words
– Disabled Men and Women Finding Loving Partners Through Online Dating – 410 Words

Details of the 2nd OTO:

My PLR Mini Mart store is packed with almost 900 bundles of content. They include a wide variety of niches – from online success to dog training, anti aging, survival – you name it! Normally, my total access membership sells for $497, but during this sale, your buyers can access it all (plus any future PLR I put on the store) for almost HALF that.

They get:

  • 100s of packs in dozens of niches
  • Instant access to full content funnels
  • Plenty of eBooks they can turn into info products of their own
  • Dozens of reports to use as list building lead magnets
  • Packs that provide instant product reviews for affiliate commissions
  • Articles they can use on their blog, in social media or as email autoresponders
  • Downloads of fully fleshed out full content outlines they can hand off to a ghostwriter to create one-of-a-kind info products

3-Tier Funnel of Brand New and Existing PLR Content That Works Perfectly for CPA Marketers to Attract Visitors and Get the Click-Through Rates They’re Looking for!

The dating niche is an incredible one because the threshold for converting a visitor into a buyer or action taker is so low. All you need is content to get people on your site and links or buttons to send them on their way to matchmaking heaven!

  • They Can Load the 35 Brand New Front End Articles Up to Rank in the Search Engines or Use as Emails to Cater to Their Subscribers
    These articles – which they can put on their blog, on social media, or in an email autoresponder series, for example – discuss the cutting edge sites, apps and trends regarding the digital dating scene. There’s something for everyone!
  • They Can Use the First OTO to Build a List of Followers, Maintain Contact and Recommend the Best Products
    This bundle is a mix of brand new content and existing ones from my PLR store. The new content allows them to build a list and sell or give them an info product and the existing content can help beef up their blog or email followups!
  • They Can Use the Second OTO to Tap into a Wide Variety of Other Niche Markets without Ever Having to Spend Another Penny on PLR from Me
    My PLR Mini Mart has nearly 900 packs on it – thousands of pages of content in a wide variety of niche markets. Some can be tied into dating, such as fitness – others will allow them to grow their online business in other niche markets with readymade content that cuts the time they have to spend getting ready in the niche greatly!

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Review

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert is the fast and simple way to do your job. He has put together an easy to follow guide so that you can follow in his footsteps. Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert is The Golden Opportunity To Make Thousands Of Dollars month by month.

Get Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert here :

Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert Review and Bonus by Tiffany Lambert – Dating for Mindful Men and Women, Define Your Purpose for Using Digital Dating Tools, Paid Versus Free Online Dating Tools Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert by Tiffany Lambert Reviews

download Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert

related Dating in the Digital Age PLR Tiffany Lambert

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This is also another powerful YouTube marketing software recently customized by my in-house team for you to promote your YouTube channels and videos by setting automated comments to go out on selected YouTube videos in any niche… you can use this auto comment feature to grow your YouTube channels x3 faster or direct to your landing pages, websites, stores for more traffic, leads and sales!

WP Whatsapp Support System (Worth $97):

You want to serve huge customers and make more money? You know more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp… This will give you a WordPress WhatsApp Support plugin that provides a better and easier way to communicate visitors and customers directly to your support person. It runs on your own WordPress site, allowing you full control over your support via WhatsApp.… over $300 in production cost, retails for $97 dollars.

WP FB Commenter (Worth $97):

Heard of this special WP comments Plugin which the big boy in town, I mean the highly paid experts are using to double they sale and profit with a genuine social proof. Would you rather believe cheap talk or evidence from real people like you?

Here is the solution; This is a is simple and lightweight plugin for WordPress platform that offers an opportunity to replace the default WordPress comments on your sites or blogs with a modern, new Facebook and Messenger style comment system. You can edit and modify user comments as you did it on the default comment system. The plugin has many features that make it one of the best comment systems for the WordPress platform. Production cost is above $800. Retail for $97 dollars.

PLRXtreme: Free Business Videos (Worth $1000):

We recorded a series of 20 new, on-screen video tutorials on how anyone can use freely available tools like Weebly, Wix, Haiku, Wufoo, and more To create simple, niche sites to promote their expertise or local business. Finally, You Can Make A Massive Income Hand Over Fist From This Premium Product In A High Demand Niche! Production cost is above $1000. Retail for $257 dollars.

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