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FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Download and Reviews

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Review and Bonus by Victory Akpomedaye – Get FIVE New Passive Income Streams EVERY Month With DFY Campaigns We Set Up FOR You Keep ALL The Leads & ALL The Profits

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Victory Akpomedaye Reviews

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Make Money Online by Victory Akpomedaye is professional product

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club is a DFY Profit Campaigns Delivered MONTHLY. Proven. Passive. Profits. YOURS. Because we test dozens of campaigns every month, we collect a lot of data on what works best. And with VIP Club access, you get our 5 top-performers every month. This is passive income as it’s finest – in literally a few minutes you can deploy 5 proven- to-convert campaigns with your links. Keep the leads to yourself …And keep 100% of the sales profits.

This Is Your Chance. TAKE IT. We’re not kidding about the limited spots available. Think about it – we want each VIP member to get the MAXIMUM results from this program, so we’re not sharing these DFY campaigns with very many people. Exclusive access means better results for ALL members. So this is your one and only chance to join us. Passive, proven income – 5 profit streams – every single month. We do ALL the work for you. Your job? Copy & paste.

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Review and Bonus by Victory Akpomedaye – Get FIVE New Passive Income Streams EVERY Month With DFY Campaigns We Set Up FOR You Keep ALL The Leads & ALL The Profits will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Review

Get FBEngagr DFY VIP Club here :

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Review and Bonus by Victory Akpomedaye – Get FIVE New Passive Income Streams EVERY Month With DFY Campaigns We Set Up FOR You Keep ALL The Leads & ALL The Profits

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Here’s How It Works :

  • Each month my expert team and I will set up 5 DFY FBEngagr campaigns for you. This includes:
  • Background market research & testing to ensure the niches are profitable
  • Custom-built poll templates you can copy & paste
  • Pre-designed landing pages to build your list
  • Professionally designed sales pages to convert the highest number of impulse buyers
  • The “lead magnet giveaways” that people get when they subscribe
  • High converting affiliate products for your sales funnel pages
  • We EVEN configure your specific auto reply messages to follow up with engaged users and convert even more leads and sales

All You Do Is :

  • Plugin your specific lead forms so subscribers get added to your lists
  • Add YOUR affiliate link to the sales page so you make the commissions
  • Use FBEngagr to post the copy & paste templates & funnels across FB

What You GET :

  • Proven to convert campaigns in 5 niches every month that drive you EFFORTLESS traffic, leads and sales
  • You keep EVERY subscriber that opts-in to your landing page
  • You keep 100% of the profits from EVERY sale on the upsell funnel pages
  • Meaning you make profits upfront, AND long term with lists that continue to grow all by themselves

You Can Also :

  • Customize any element of any campaign for a specific promotion
  • Create unlimited versions of the templates, campaigns and funnel pages for split testing and scaling
  • Use these campaigns with Omnisocial (if you got the Deluxe license) to expand your reach even further

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Bonuses :

BONUS #1 – Hyper SEO Analyzer- Turn your Website into SEO tool
Looking for your own SEO Analyzing Tool? If Yes then it for you only…This is a WordPress Plugin which will convert your website into SEO tool. You must have used some most popular tool online for your clients like SEO detective, mysiteaudoitor etc Similar like that this tool will also convert your website into SEO tool. All you need to install is on your wordpress website and paste the code anywhere on your website like header, footer, body etc
1) All major SEO issues checker like meta description, title, alt tag, mobile repsonsiveness etc
2) Convert report into pdf
3) Send report directly to inbox
4) Save website and email id to database
5) 20+ SEO factors and many more.

BONUS #2 -Emarketo Script
With this script you can sell all the products with reseller license or white-label apps you have ever gotten online without resellers taking half the cost of your project. All profits is 100% yours! You just need to install the script and add your products. Or you can setup your own marketplace and accept any user to upload their products and share the link through the social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Multi-Vendor: The Multi-Vendor version is like a marketplace, multiple authors can sell their goods like on CodeCanyon. The admin can access to everything and also delete products. You customers/visitors can create a free account and choose between Buyer or Seller.

BONUS #3 -Expert AutoBlogger Plugin
Build Google Friendly Blogs in Just Clicks. Never Create Content Again

  1. Curates content from any website
  2. 100% google and other search engine friendly
  3. Copy and paste simple. Anyone can use it and build stunning blog posts in seconds
  4. Schedule your post and relax
  5. Never pay for content again

This is a POWERFUL High-Performance youtube analytics & marketing software currently being built by my in-house development team that combines 12 different unique features for your youtube campaigns… With the amount of time & resources being spent to develop this tool i can confidently tell you its the MOST complete analytic & marketing software for your youtube channels and You can schedule video upload with it. Not only that you have the option to create live event easily with the application. It has the best complete search option for Youtube video. All the advanced parameter for searching Youtube video, Playlist, channel search engine are also available. After searching video, you will able to download video. The tool has feature to grab video tags that they have used. And many more!

Here are some of the powerful key features:

  • Import Channel & Videos
  • Channel Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Live Event Creation
  • Upload Scheduled Videos
  • Video Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Scrapper
  • Auto Keyword Suggestion
  • YouTube Subscribe Button
  • Video Search Engine
  • Channel Search Engine
  • Playlist Search Engine
  • Custom Video Downloader

The Conversion Power Of A TEAM Of Experts In Your Corner

Every element of these campaigns has been fine-tuned to maximize your conversions, leads and profits.

  • The poll posts are tested & optimized for maximum engagement
  • The funnel pages, headlines & calls to action are all designed to convert traffic into subscribers & sales
  • The lead magnets and upsell offers COMPEL users to take action

Our team is constantly split-testing every element of every campaign, so you never have to worry about conversions. Just plug these in to make hands-free leads and sales, month after month.


Yes – you’ve got 30 days to check this out and be completely blown away, or your money back. But we doubt you’ll need it – this program works over and over, and the stats back it up.

FBEngagr OTO / Upgrade / Upsell :

>> FBEngagr Front End : FBEngagr PRO

FBEngagr package : Rate and Poll Campaign,10 FB Accounts,Templates,Auto Comments, Post to Fanpage & Timeline

>> FBEngagr OTO 1 / Upsell 1 / Upgrade 1 : FBEngagr Deluxe

FBEngagr Package : Unlimited FB Account,Monthly template, Post to Fanpages, Timeline and groups,Online Image Editor PLUS customers get access to another unique app called “Omnisocial” – Schedule and Post Images, Text, Video to Over 15 Social Media Websites

>> FBEngagr OTO 2 / Upsell 2 / Upgrade 2 : FBEngagr DFY VIP Club
FBEngagr Done For You :  DFY Product & Funnel in 5 Niches ( Poll Templates, Offers, Landing Pages) – Let Me Build Your Business… Give You the Exact Products You Can Use to Build List and Sell with FBEngagr Campaigns to Make LOTS of Profits with ZERO Work on Your Part.

>> FBEngagr OTO 3 / Upsell 3 / Upgrade 3 : FBEngagr Agency
FBEngagr Resell Rights : MAKE 100% PROFITS, Selling FBEngagr Yourself!

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Review

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club is the fast and simple way to do your job. He has put together an easy to follow guide so that you can follow in his footsteps. FBEngagr DFY VIP Club is The Golden Opportunity To Make Thousands Of Dollars month by month.

Get FBEngagr DFY VIP Club here :

FBEngagr DFY VIP Club Review and Bonus by Victory Akpomedaye – Get FIVE New Passive Income Streams EVERY Month With DFY Campaigns We Set Up FOR You Keep ALL The Leads & ALL The Profits FBEngagr DFY VIP Club by Victory Akpomedaye Reviews

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