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VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – Best New Mass / Bulk Video Creator Software, Create 100s of Videos With 1-Click

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Abhi Dwivedi Reviews

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Make Money Online by Abhi Dwivedi is professional product

VidCuratorFX 2.0 is the easiest video creation software out there. Within a few minutes you could be creating and publishing 100s of keyword targeted videos and dominating you niche. VidCuratorFX2 lets you create 100s of videos automatically using just a keyword. It just went live with early discounts. Creating Videos is a very time taking, stressful task…especially when you’re trying to get things done faster. Finding the right script, the angle, the storyboard, music, voice overs, editing templates, using complex software and what not! VidCuratorFX2 is a brand new cloud based video creation tool like you’ve NEVER seen before. You can be creating professional quality gorgeous looking, keyword focused videos within minutes and dominating you niches. I mean, think about it…who has a better chance of getting more traffic and sales…a marketer with 1 video…or you, with 100s of videos published everywhere? Imagine the amount of branding, engagement, traffic, leads and sales these videos can be getting you. LIMITED TIME BONUS & DISCOUNT: The price is going up midnight again but use my special coupon “VIPOFF” to get a discount.

VidCuratorFX2.0 is a cloud based software, compatible for MAC, Windows and tablet, that helps you create 100s of traffic pulling videos in any niche you choose with just one click and distribute them all over the social media. You just enter a keyword and the software will find, and the software will automatically create 100s of slideshow videos with animations, transitions, voice-overs text and music within minutes all on autopilot. Your customers can easily edit the video and add the transitions, animations, intro-outro slides, add custom-texts and a lot more using easy-to-use interface. The conclusion: For just one small investment, you can save a lot, like time to create videos and money that you always ready to waste to get the software without exactly knowing that it will work for you or not. Get VidCuratorFX2.0 now and edit your videos in the best way by very easy means. You can post those videos on different social media sites to get the massive engagement. And the best part is that you can still get it at a massive discount, but it’s going to end in next 6 hours.

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – Best New Mass / Bulk Video Creator Software, Create 100s of Videos With 1-Click will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review

Get VidCuratorFX 2.0 here :

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – Best New Mass / Bulk Video Creator Software, Create 100s of Videos With 1-Click

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VidCuratorFX 2.0 Benefits :

  • Stop slaving over your videos, wrestling with expensive tools, paying for monthly templates memberships or hiring freelancers to help you out.
  • Now you can create 100s of niche videos in seconds, with true push button simplicity.
  • …and publish them on Facebook and YouTube natively for maximum traffic, views, viral exposure and sales!
  • You can even save these videos and share them on your own website, on Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere else online!

Using VidCuratorFX2, you’ll be able to create 100s of amazing Slide-show type videos automatically.

Step #1: Choose if you want to create 1 or multiple videos and enter a keyword you want the video to be about.

Step #2: Customise. Add you text, logo, watermark, lower-third, background music, voice over, Text-to-speech, images, videos, filters, transition-animations, intro and outro slides etc

Step #3: Export as a FULL HD Or Square HD (for FB) video and automatically share on FB or YouTube.

Creating Videos For Your Marketing & Traffic Has Never Been Easier!

Enter a keyword
VidCuratorFX2 will automatically create a themed slideshow-type video based around the keyword you provide.

Choose whether to create a single video or multiple videos all at once, then hit GO…
…and boom, VidCuratorFX2 automatically finds copyright-free high quality images and video clips from our library and other online sources (or you can import your own images and video clips too) and creates your video, right before your eyes.

Make it shine & Publish
Want to tweak it a little? No problem. You can customize all the items that appear in your video, without any technical skills or learning curves. Simply can add Text-To-Speech, Voice Overs, Text, Colours, Links/URLs, Watermarks, Music, Intro and Outro slides, Transition Effects and even add more animations. When ready, hit the publish button to publish it on YouTube or Facebook or download it to your computer.

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Features :

Create Videos From a Single Keyword
Just drop in a keyword you want to get traffic for, and VidCuratorFX will automatically create a themed slideshow-type video based around that keyword!

Automatically Create 100s of Videos with 1-Click
Choose 1 or 100 videos to create, at the push of a button. Video Curator Pro creates endless variations of your video, with spun titles and descriptions, to dominate all kinds of keywords in YouTube and Google!

Add Transitions, Image Filters and effects
Make your videos compelling and more engaging by applying in-built effects and transitions are applied seamlessly

Add Intro & Outro Slides
Put your branding to work in every video by setting up custom intros and outros for every video your create. Gets you that high-end production glitz that you see in big-budget videos.

Fully Customize the Videos
Add Intro & Outro Slides, Transitions, Image Filters and effects and truly make your videos grab people by the eyeballs!

Add Your own music, record voice over or choose from our library of music
To give your videos the professional shine they deserve, and keep people engaged from start to finish!

15 NEW Effects that you can add on each slide
Add effects to your videos and slides to make sure they pop out! eyeballs!

20+ Transitions that you can add on each slide
Use the transitions to make your videos stand out and attract more eyeballs.

Access to our massive library of 40,000+ Images to be used in Videos
Not only VidCuratorFX2 finds images from web to curate into your videos but it also uses our massive library of 40000+ images as well to pull up relevant high quality images to use in your videos.

Massive library of 5,000+ Video-Clips to be used in Videos
Just like the images library, VidCuratorFX 2.0 also searches and uses video-clips from our massive library of 5000+ video-clips to pull up relevant clips to use in your videos

1000+ Professionally Added Fonts to your text
Your call-to-action, your watermark and you text message is only as powerful as you present it. With 1000+ professionally selected fonts, you can now add that professional look to your texts in the video.

650+ Music Library to add background music to your videos
Never pay for single background music again. Choose from our library of 650+ background music to add to your videos.

Use our Text-To-Speech with over 50 voices & multiple languages
Hate doing voice-overs? Just past your script or text and VidCuratorFX2 will covert the text into high quality voice over with 50 different voices to choose from and multiple languages.

Create Square videos with header & footer text for Facebook
Turn any video into a square video with top and bottom where you can add your own text, FB reaction icons and customize it as you like. These type of videos are very powerful when shared on Facebook.

Create a Credit Outro slide…
to give credits to the source of image and video-clips used in the videos you’ve created.

Add your watermark
Import your own logo or add your own text, adjust transparency and turn it into your own watermark..

Automatically Upload to YouTube & Facebook
no need to download and store huge videos on your PC, and manually upload them later. Now you can upload straight to the major video sharing websites right from your dashboard

Spin Title & Description When Uploading multiple videos
Totally dominate any niche with automatically spun titles and descriptions for each video uploaded. Makes each video unique in the eyes of the search engines.

Fully automatic, 100% Control
Just set it up and it will churn out videos one after another without you having to monitor or stare at progress bars. Plus you can change absolutely anything you want at any point of time.

Cloud Based. Nothing to download
VidCuratorFX2 is a cloud-based software. There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply login to your dashboard and start creating videos and sharing them in minutes.

Wave Goodbye to “Stone Age” Video Marketing…

  • No more complicated and costly video editing software
  • No more scouring the web for images, clips and other content for every video you create
  • No more hiring video experts to assemble, animate, and render your videos for you

Everything You NEED Is Inside VidCuratorFX2…

VidCuratorFX2 is the best software for anyone who wants to create videos without worrying about the traditional complications that come with creating videos.

Lack Budget and time?
VidCuratorFX is faster and easier to use. Just a keyword and a few clicks is all you need.

Running low on creativity?
No need to edit templates or create storyboards. Create unlimited videos automatically using slideshow type videos proven to get more views and engagement.

Want Global Reach?
With VidCuratorFX2, you get ability to “TALK” to your audience. Simply use our Text-To-Speech Engine by choosing from 50 different voice types and use it in different languages to create videos that speak for themselves.

With VidCuratorFX2, you finally have the power to create traffic-getting videos, to keep up with the noisy competition, win trust, rake in traffic from the major video sharing websites.

Plus, VidCuratorFX2 is…

100% Whitehat
VidCuratorFX2 is a 100% whitehat app. It doesn’t spam social media, violate any terms, or do anything illegal.

100% Cloud Based
There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply login to your VidCuratorFX2account and start cranking out traffic—getting videos in seconds from now!

Prove & Tested Software
With over 100s beta testers and 3 months in research and development, VidCuratorFX2 is a proven, fail-proof way to crank out 100s of videos with a few clicks or taps…even if you’re not creative!

Multiply Your Traffic With Automatic Syndication

Sit back, crack a beer, and watch VidCuratorFX2 automatically share your videos to Facebook and YouTube. Watch your traffic ignite, hands free! And don’t forget all those SEO boosting backlinks you’re building too!

True “Set n’ Forget” Traffic

With VidCuratorFX2 ‘s scheduler, you can choose specific times to post your videos. Then just sit back and relax, and let VidCuratorFX2 handle the work for you.

  • Post videos at high traffic times of day.
  • Schedule & launch videos ahead of time.
  • Post when you’re sleeping or travelling.
  • Just set it, forget it, and get on with your life!

Just Think Of The Money You’re Saving Too…

No more “pro tools”
You could pay thousands for fancy animation and video effects tools, but you don’t have to, because VidCuratorFX2 creates “good enough” videos for your website, your YouTube channel and even your Facebook video ads, in seconds, not days.

No more freelancer fees
Why spend $50, $100 or even $200 hiring freelancers to create a single video, and sit around for days, managing projects and waiting for that video to be finished?

No more monthly subscriptions
Unlike other animation tools, or video creator suites, VidCuratorFX2 is yours for a one small investment today. No monthly fees. No contracts. No BS.

Your Investment Is Fully Protected With My 14—Day Traffic & Sales Guarantee

This guarantee gives you 14 days to test drive VidCuratorFX2, and see if it’s right for you. I want you to use VidCuratorFX2 right now, in the next 5 minutes, and see how quick and easy you can create traffic—getting videos for social media and your marketing. See how much money you’ll save on tools, freelancers and stock images. And I guarantee, if VidCuratorFX2 doesn’t help boost your traffic and sales…you won’t pay a single dime. Instead, I’ll refund every penny! (You can even keep your account, free of charge, if you decide you want to use VidCuratorFX2 again one day.). The point is — I know this works. I’ve used it, I’ve seen the results, and I KNOW it can work for you. Just give it a shot, and prove me wrong!

VidCuratorFX 2.0 : FAQ

Q. – Does this work on Mac or PC?
Ans. — VidCuratorFX2 is a cloud-based app so yes, it’ll work on your Mac, PC, Tablets and even mobile phones. You can login and create visual content from anywhere in the world, using any device.

Q. – Is There a Money Back Guarantee?
Ans. — Absolutely! VidCuratorFX2 comes with a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. You can take it out for a spin and we guarantee that you’ll love the kind of traffic it can get for your business, or you don’t pay a dime.

Q. – Is There Training?
Ans. — VidCuratorFX2 is dead simple to use, but also comes with detailed step-by-step animated training, video training and PDF training and tutorials that can be accessed right inside the dashboard. You can always reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Q. – Is there a monthly fee?
Ans. — During our special offer right now, there are NO monthly fees or setup costs. The price you see above is the only price you pay, one-time-payment. There’s nothing else to pay.

Q. – Is this free for version 1.0 buyers?
Ans. — VidCuratorFX2 is a completely different platform and a new software. It is not free for V1 buyers. If you own v1, you can upgrade to v2 using a special discount you can find inside your dashboard. PLUS you current v1 has also been update to a cloud based software from desktop.

VidCuratorFX 2.0 OTO Upsell Upgrade

Front End – VidCuratorFX 2.0 Commercial
OTO 1 – VidCuratorFX 2.0 Advance
OTO 2 – VidCuratorFX 2.0 SyVID Agency License
OTO 3 – VidCuratorFX 2.0 Gold Pack
OTO 4 – VidCuratorFX 2.0 VidLeads PRO
OTO 5 – VidCuratorFX 2.0 VidRankNeos

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review

VidCuratorFX 2.0 is the fast and simple way to do your job. He has put together an easy to follow guide so that you can follow in his footsteps. VidCuratorFX 2.0 is The Golden Opportunity To Make Thousands Of Dollars month by month.

Get VidCuratorFX 2.0 here :

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – Best New Mass / Bulk Video Creator Software, Create 100s of Videos With 1-Click VidCuratorFX 2.0 by Abhi Dwivedi Reviews

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